About Us...

We create innovative valid tests and surveys that are personally designed for your key market, rather than applying a generic approach.

We are PhD qualified psychologists, researchers and statisticians. We have the unique ability to understand human behaviour and we measure, measure, measure. We can help you understand people better and increase your ability to predict human behaviour.

Beware of tests and surveys on the market

There is a universal desire for people to find out more about themselves and others. As a result there are 1000’s of tests and surveys in the market place. But beware, not all are the same, nor do they necessarily measure what they claim or have any scientific foundation.

We can design a test or survey specifically for your needs

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We can review and refine your current tests or surveys

If you are currently using a test or survey and would like it refined or evaluated, we can psychometrically validate it. By helping you produce higher quality assessments, you can make more confident business decisions. Click here for more information

We can host and administer your current tests and surveys as an independent third party

The benefits of this include higher participation rates, a thorough analysis of the data and reporting from a skilled outsiders perspective. Click here for more information.