Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Screening (PACSS)

Created in 2010 and normed on over 800 Australian women, and developed after an extensive evidence based review this is an essential tool for Surgeons as referring your patient to complete a validated pre-surgical screening assessment, assists you in assessing your patients suitability for surgery. Click here for more information. 

Cosmetic surgery is unique. Unlike most surgical procedures, the patient initiates it and the results can often elicit a more acute reaction than any other type of surgery. While most patients do well after surgery, some do not. Patients who are dissatisfied with surgery may request repeat procedures, experience depression and adjustment concerns, social isolation, family problems, self destructive behaviours and anger directed towards the surgeon and their staff.

The PACSS can assist you in identifying patients who may have an increased risk for a poor outcome.

This online assessment takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The results are  manually assessed and reported (as opposed to a generic computer automated report) by a registered Psychologist.  Predictive modelling is used to classify your patient according to potential risk for poor outcome.  Specific recommendations for you and your patients are provided when necessary. If these issues are both identified and suitably managed prior to cosmetic surgery it enhances the likelihood that ultimately a positive outcome will be achieved.

When properly used, the psychological screen will help create realistic expectations regarding the planned procedure, identify patients that may need special attention, allow targeted referral for professional therapy (when appropriate), and communicates to patients that you care about their entire experience both before and after the surgery.

This process also provides support for the due diligence that you have undertaken before proceeding with surgery. Put simply, this quantitative process helps to improve what currently tends to be an impressionistic approach to surgery.

The cost per screening assessment is $49 plus GST. 

Please note: To ensure the highest standard of surgical care is provided to patients this assessment is only available to accredited Plastic Surgeons (FRACS).   Back to Our Tests

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