What is unique about about the Testing Room?

Our level of expertise enables us to challenge the typical linear survey. We achieve rigor in our research design, data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation. We believe that no two businesses are the same, so applying generic “off the shelf” tools to measure key factors is sub-optimal. We ensure that the data you capture is valid and relevant to your business. Our expertise in statistical data analysis then enables us to advise you on how to effectively use this information to improve business outcomes. Added to this, as psychological researchers we are both skilled in behavioural-based research and in understanding what makes people “tick”.

Do you only use online testing and assessment?

No. Although online research is a sector that has been growing rapidly, some of the more “traditional” techniques can provide excellent results.

Do you do qualitative assessment?

Absolutely. We consider well-conducted qualitative research to be of equal value to quantitative research. Importantly, qualitative research must satisfy exactly the same requirements of scientific rigor that are demanded of quantitative research, yet, this is the area most people are unskilled in. For instance, there is not a one-approach-fits-all formula for interpreting qualitative data and the analysis is therefore a critical (yet often) under utilized component. We are highly skilled in collecting words to provide a rich insight into the issue under investigation. Added to this, we are skilled in visual observation and recording human behaviour as verbal text.