Hand Injury Predictor of Patient Outcome (THE HIPPO)

Early identification of those at risk of a delayed recovery. Extensive research has enabled us to identify why, for some workers, return to work after a hand injury is relatively straightforward and yet for others it is not. From this, we have identified the key factors that contribute to a delayed recovery and return to work. We have devised three questionnaires that can be administered to hand injured patients.

HIPPO 1 - to be administered within 7 days of injury
HIPPO 2 - to be administered 7 to 28 days post injury
HIPPO 3  - to be administered 28 plus days after surgery 

The assessment is manually assessed and reported by a Registered Psychologist.  Key factors that are likely to affect the recovery process are identified and advice on intervention strategies are provided.  The cost of this assessment is $160 plus GST. This assessment has been used on over 500 hand injured workers in Australia and provides excellent treatment advice from a psychosocial perspective.

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