We can design a test or survey specifically for your needs

The best modern test developers use a combination of approaches to ensure their approach is valid. We develop tests and surveys that are rigorously developed and based on thorough statistical analysis using a combination of rational, factor analytic and empirical approaches. Using these validated and reliable instruments can assist both your decision-making process and overall business performance. Our approach is highly innovative.

In contrast, most tests and surveys consist of the simple technique of thinking up a list of questions that seem relevant. Although this is referred to as the “rational approach”, to us it seems highly irrational, as this approach is often flawed. Certain conditions that ensure the rational approach is valid are often not met.

Further issues for consideration are that people who complete a questionnaire, test or survey must be able to make an accurate self-assessment and be willing to report their self-assessment accurately and without distortion. We understand the importance of self-awareness having completed a PhD on this very topic and creating the worlds first valid measure of Self Awareness.

This is just a snapshot of the process we undertake to ensure your assessment tools are statistically sound. Our recently developed industry specific tests include the return to work prediction test, the readiness for cosmetic surgery assessment and the self-awareness measure.

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