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Below is an example of our industry specific tailored assessments and surveys.

Hand Injury Predictor of Patient Outcome (HIPPO)

This assessment enables early identification of those that may be at risk of delayed recovery after an acute traumatic occupational hand injury.
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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Screening (PACSS)

This assessment examines prognostic indicators of patient suitability for surgery.
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An easy, online process that reveals your current level of self awareness. With our online questionnaire, you can gain insight into how you approach your life and your work.
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Self awareness for Individuals

To measure your current state of self-awareness, you need to answer 60 questions. Once completed a summary report will be sent to you outlining where you sit on all six features of self-awareness.
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Leadership Development Package

Recent research has found the majority of Managers have low self awareness and this significantly impedes not only their performance, but that of the overall organisation.
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