The Multi-factorial Self Awareness Scale (MSAS) for Leaders

Despina Sfakinos, Director of the Testing Room has created Australia’s first and only validated measure of self awareness.  While there is a plethora of programs on the market that refer to increasing "self awareness", to date, no one could accurately measure this concept.  Valid assessment is a critical component of the development process.

Recent research has found that the majority of Australian managers have low self-awareness and this significantly impedes not only their performance, but also that of the overall organisation. Improving self-awareness is a critical pre-requisite for overall leadership  development and performance. Increasing self-awareness will help leaders develop proactive behaviors, understand what is required to be able to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities, maximize their contributions within a group and understand what personal shortcomings they need to avoid or develop. When leaders become self aware they will demonstrate cognitive, social and behavioral complexity – the perfect balance for a great leader.

The fee to undertake the MSAS Assessment is $240.  You will receive a personal report prepared by a Registered Psychologist (as opposed to a generic computer automated report) with key areas requiring further development.  To undertake the MSAS please go to our Client Login page.

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