Self-Awareness Tool

Our 60-item assessment tool examines the six key processes that are involved in self-awareness.

  • Internal awareness and understanding.
  • Staying in the present moment.
  • Not being too critical of oneself.
  • Being able to see what is happening to other people.
  • Being aware of how other people see you.
  • The ability to connect with yourself.

Importantly our tool is a global first, validated, true measure of Self Awareness.  Many other measures in the market place claim to measure this concept, but they do not.

Once you have completed the online assessment, you will receive a report providing information on where you are currently placed on each of the 6 dimensions.  You can then work on developing proactive behaviours and responses.

Ongoing personal development is important in order to be able to effectively operate in increasingly complex and chaotic environments, where constant adaptation and the need for developing deeper capacities for connection is becoming increasingly vital.

Self Awareness is critical to this process and an essential component of your personal development.

Cost = AUD $50

How to purchase a Self-Awareness Questionnaire
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